Why Buy A Fifth Wheel?

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Why Buy A Fifth Wheel?

As you enter the RV and trailer world, you easily become mesmerized by just how many options and models there are. There are several variants including value, size, transportation capabilities, and so on. Once you’ve decided what your primary use for your new camper will be, it’ll be a lot easier to narrow down your options. If you’re new here, it can certainly be a challenge to distinguish all the different offerings.

Fifth wheels, for example, are a type of towable RV. therefore, you’ll need a second, primary vehicle that’s equipped with a drivetrain and is capable of hauling it from point A to point B. If you’re interested in checking out some of our fifth wheels, visit us at Sun & Fun RV today! We’re located in Tiffin, IA, northwest of Iowa City off of Interstate 80 half mile west of the I80/380 interchange.


One of the highly desirable aspects of fifth wheels is that they’re extremely valuable. You can blow tons of money on luxury RVs and get equivalent features and amenities in a fifth wheel for just a fraction of the cost. If you scout some used options, you can get an even better deal. Fifth wheels don’t have an engine so that alone saves you thousands compared to a motorized RV. Another benefit to not having a motor is that insurance costs are significantly lower. Although fifth wheels are an economical option, you’ll still feel right at home with all the great amenities and features they offer.

Space & Size

Size is one of the most easily recognizable benefits of owning a fifth wheel. They are easily the largest towable RVs on the market. You won’t be lacking on interior space when you choose to invest in a fifth wheel, either. Their coupling system is mighty strong so they’re able to be heavier and longer than other trailers. As a result, you get even more storage space. They tend to be taller as well so you have additional headroom and won’t feel cramped when inside.

Your Vehicle & Easy Transportation

There are many motorhomes that are so large and bulky, they become difficult to transport. When you’re traveling from city to city, you want peace of mind knowing that you’re going to be able to gain access to areas with your trailer. Fortunately, fifth wheels are designed for ease of use in this area. The hitch placement makes hooking up your fifth wheel a fairly simple process. Another great benefit is that since you’re already used to driving your truck, there’s not much of a learning curve to adjust to once your fifth wheel is hooked up.

Visit Sun & Fun RV today to check out our great selection of fifth wheels today! You can find us in Tiffin, IA, just northwest of Iowa City near Coralville. We have a parts and service department for your convenience and offer financing options to our customers as well.

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